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I sense people, I feel energy, I receive information...

Spiritual Life Coach - Naturopath - Writer - Lightworker - Energy Healer - Clairvoyant

My name is Anne-Claire but most people call me Anna.

I am a citizen of the world (born in France), living in Vancouver.


I took the opportunity to completely changed my life in 2009: I quit my midwifery study to go travelling, realized my dreams one-by-one and discovered who I am and what I have to offer.

I travelled the world for 9 years (Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Mauricius...) on a journey toward myself.

I volunteered in: wellness centers, communities, a buddhist center, an osho ashram... which gave me the opportunity to reconnect to myself, to develop and accept my gift of clairvoyance & communication with the invisible world.

I have gone out of my comfort zone, cried and felt lost so many times. I often felt misunderstood and didn’t fit in "the" box. But all of this helped me to become who I am today: a woman who has a lot to share with the world and who wants to encourage others women to follow their dreams, their inner callings.


It didn’t happen in a day, it took time and every step I made took me closer to my soul, to my real purpose.


This self-discovery journey and all the trainings I have done, but mainly my intuition and my spiritual connection, allow me to guide people through their own life and reconnect them to their true essence. It is my mission to support your spiritual journey, to help you stand up for who you are, shine and share your light with the world.


My Philosophy

Listen to yourself

Respect every living creature

Live close to nature

Love unconditionnally

Reconnect to your innerself

Live in the present moment

Be Joyful

Follow your intuition

Share your light

Make your dreams come true

# Conscious Living # Personnal Growth # Spirituality

# Follow your dreams # Become who you are 

my background

Medicine and Midwifery Study for 3 years (Nantes, France)

Naturopathic Diploma, Euronature (Lille, France) 

Iridoligy Diploma, College Naturopathic of Medicine (London, England) 

Reiki Diploma (Lille, France)

Pranic Healing Diploma (Mauricius)

Life Coaching Certificate (Toulouse, France) 

Yoga Nidra Certificate (Vancouver, Canada)

French Cooking School (Nantes, France) 

Lot of self devellopment (Karmic regression, chamanism, family constellation...)

My life experiences and my intuition are my main tools.

Anne-Claire Le Bihan

Based in Vancouver (Canada)

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