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1:1 Spiritual Life Coaching

- Are you ready to transform your life?

- You want to make changes in your life, but you don't know where to start.

- You are going through a transition (career, relationship...) and need some help.

- You feel unhappy/unfullfilled in your life and would like to start create your dream life.


YOU are the only expert in your entire life who truly knows who YOU are, what YOU need and what is best for YOU. As your coach, I help you discover what your own personal "best" might be.

"Design your Life. Speak your Truth. Become who you truly are. Stand up and Shine."

NEW - Guided Soul Journey

1:1 session to connect with

your Soul - Your Guides - Your Baby's Soul

Your Loved one who's passed away

In a 1:1 sessions, I will give you guidance to help you see clearer, reconnect to yourself, open pathways of possibility and guide you through the changes to create a life in alignment with your heart's desire, with your soul. 

I’ve been guided by Spirit to use my gifts to open doors and shine the light onto people’s life paths. It is my mission to support your spiritual journey, to help you stand up for who you are, shine and share your light with the world.

One Time Spiritual Guidance

One session to gain clarity

in one area your life.

A mix of coaching & guidance.

Stand up

& Shine Package

A 3 month package to help you reconnect to yourself and manifest your dream life.




A Guided Session to meet with your guides, your loved one who's passed away or the soul of your future baby

"Each session is a combination of intuitive insights, guidance and life coaching."


She helps me build trust within myself...


"Anne-Claire helped me make decisions that are powerful, meaningful and have impact in my life. She is committed to serving from her whole heart and spirit, and she does so with the utmost integrity.

She has helped me move forward and inwards and outwards. I am forever grateful to have met Anne-Claire and feel blessed for the work we are doing together. She helps me build trust within myself, helps me hear my inner voice more clearly but also helps me believe and feel that I can do it."

- Punam, Vancouver BC

Anne-Claire Le Bihan

Based in Vancouver (Canada)

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